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An year of progress, fun and contentment. Signing out 2017!

Happy Diwali!

Yes... that's us, that's AV DEVS

Meet Dhaval Patel ! He masters multiple skills and coding certainly is one of them. Welcome to the team!

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We wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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@ConsultantMicro We would be happy to contribute if we can be of any help here. Would like to know more details.
@HolmRecruitment Client wants to hire in-house or telecommute is an option?
@dylanatsmith Hello Dylan, We have QA experts in our team. Is telecommute a possibility?
@FlipASkin Right here. Let me know your requirement. We can discuss via email or skype. Thanks.
@PoLycarpFM Hi there, have you found the right match for your requirement? If not, I would be happy to assist you.
@aclinkman Hi Andy, For how long are you planning to hire a Magento developer?If offshore hiring is an option, would like to discuss.Thanks!
@NekoDowners Hello, we are a team of expert developers including mobile and website. Would be happy to help. Thanks.
@MedwaysNo1 would suggest myself. A team of reliable designers and developers here. Would be happy to help. Thanks!
@Skewed_Corp Hello, we are a team of developers and designers. Would be happy to work with you. Drop me a line and we can discuss.